Frequently Asked Questions

Does the hire price include insurance and breakdown cover?

Fully comprehensive insurance for 1 driver is included, there is a £10 charge for each additonal driver. Drivers between the ages of 21-79, who have held their driving licence for more than 2 years and have no major penalties or endorsements on their licence (see terms and conditions for full details) are eligible. UK and European breakdown cover is included.

Is there a limit on mileage?

No limit.... go explore.

What costs are involved?

The hire cost is between £85-£110 per night, depending on the season and van. £150 non-refundable deposit must be paid when booking to secure the dates. Balance must be paid 30 days prior to hire. The security deposit is £500 if you're aged 25-69 and £1000 if you're aged 21-24 or 69-79. The security deposit cannot be paid by cash for insurance purposes and will be refunded asap, once the van is returned.

What is the earliest pickup time and latest drop off?

3pm pick up and 11am drop off. Contact us to request earlier or later times and we'll accommodate requests where we can. In reality, it's probably not going to be possible during peak season unfortunately but no harm in asking!

Length and Registration number of vans?

Length of van - 6.945 metres Registration number - PE56 YWM

Is there somewhere to leave our car while we're away?

Of course, you can leave it in our secure driveway.

Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely. well behaved dogs are welcome for a small fee of £20 per dog. We ask that you be respectful of other holiday makers and do not let them up on the seats or bed. Additional charges will apply if this isn't adhered to.

Can I explore outwith the UK?

Insurance covers travel with the UK and Europe so.... go explore! Please just let us know in advance for insurance purposes.

Do we have full power if we go off grid?

Ragnar is powered by 2 leisure batteries which allow you to be off-grid for around 2 days and still use the lights, TV, night heater and water. You have to be connected to power on a campsite to use the microwave and the fridge. Although, the fridge will be powered whilst you're driving. Lagertha is powered by 2 leisure batteries which allow you to be off-grid for around 2 days and still use the lights, night heater and water. There is an invertor in Lagertha which allows you to power the fridge, TV and shower but only for an hour really so if you plan on using these a lot, you may be better on a campsite. The fridge will be powered when you're driving. The control panel in each van shows how much battery power you have left so you can keep an eye on it and go a drive to recharge the batteries when they're getting low.

What ID do I need to show you?

A valid UK photocard driving licence. Your passport and driving licence if you have a non UK licence. 2 forms of proof of address, to match your driving licence address. They must be dated within the last 90 days. See terms and conditions for acceptable forms of ID. A DVLA check code if you have a UK licence, this is obtained from www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. All of the above is essential and is required by us and the insurance company.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel within 7 days of collection - no refund unfortunately. If you cancel 7-29 days prior to collection - we will refund 50% of your hire charge. If you cancel 30+ days prior to collection - we will give you a full refund, less the £150 non refundable booking fee. Should Covid-19 travel restrictions mean that your trip has to be cancelled, we offer credit or a full refund.

Do the vans have wi-fi?

Yes, wi-fi can be enabled for £20 for the duration of your trip. It works much the same as the wi-fi on your phone, if you're near a town you're likely to have a good signal. If you're in the back of beyond, it's unlikely you'll be able to connect to wi-fi.